It’s About Motorcycles!!

It’s About Touring Motorcycles

This site is ALL about Motorcycles and those that ride them.  The RIDE and the motorcycle is it.  It is not now, and will never be a place that likes motorcycles, it is all about bikes and the RIDE.  Touring the back roads, touring the interstate, touring the gravel roads of North America.  That’s what this place is about!  New motorcycles, old motorcycles, new riders,  experienced riders, all RIDERS are welcome here.

If I’m not riding, generally speaking, I am thinking about riding.  Where I have ridden, where I’m riding next, when can I go for a ride.  I ride to see, I ride to be, I ride to the drug store!  Look around here, I hope you will find something you like.

Motorcycle Blog

Various subjects, written weekly (If I’m not riding) all with one common thread: Motorcycles.  This will take you there.

The Art and Science of Buying a Used Motorcycle

Flashy title, no?  Originally written for the book, it just didn’t really fit in.  So rather than throw it away, I decided to give it away.  Available in PDF format, it is free to read or download.  I have bought over 50 used motorcycles in my life (only one new!) and this is how I do and what I look for.  I really do hope that this will help somebody to not make some of the mistakes that I have made.

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